Nine ways to earn cryptocurrency without mining and trading

“I know you can’t have everything at once, so I’ll start small – with money.”.

Janusz Vasilkowski

You’ve probably heard or read about millionaires who made big money from cryptocurrencies. For the most part, these are the ones who made the breakthrough with crypt in the early stages. They are also called whales. You may be wondering: is it possible to get free crypto without trading and mining? The answer is yes.


Some projects are giving away a certain amount of their tokens in small amounts to the general public. The logic behind this is simple – the more people use the product, the higher the value attributed to tokens. During the heyday of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), many received “air drops” worth up to $ 5,000. In 2019, they still cost as much as $ 100, while the giveaway is in the thousands..

For this type of coin receipt, you may need to complete certain tasks, which include exchanges on social media forums, communication with a specific participant in the blockchain project, etc..

Bitcoin faucets and micro-tasks

There are websites called faucets that give out satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin) to their visitors. These visitors fill out captchas, view ads, or complete micro-tasks. Microtasks range from filling out surveys to downloading applications, watching videos to filling out questionnaires and conducting beta testing. is one of the oldest existing Bitcoin faucets on the Internet. It offers users up to $ 200 in free BTC every hour, which is higher than most bitcoin faucets..

Consulting and training

Each person comes into the industry with their own skills and finds ways to use them in a decentralized space. The best part is that the demand for blockchain expertise combined with traditional skills is growing. Thus, one can start offering consulting services for new blockchain projects..

Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers;
  • accounting advice on fund management;
  • exchange brokers advising on cryptocurrency issues.

Freelance copy writers for blockchain companies.

There is no end to this list. And most blockchain companies prefer a decentralized structure by default. So your location doesn’t matter. You can receive cross-border bitcoin payments at low cost, without the costly and time consuming traditional payment methods.

Invest in Bitcoin

Buying and holding is the method you are probably most familiar with. HODLing – This means holding bitcoins, not selling, especially when the market is bearish. This is a basic profit making strategy that even beginners can adopt..

This is one of the best and easiest ways to focus on how to make money in cryptocurrency..

Long term holding is highly recommended. If you were holding $ 100 worth of BTC in 2014, it would be worth $ 8,734 today, and that’s just 5 years from now. No bank or other similar investment can promise you such a profit.

Work as a freelancer for crypto

Working for bitcoins is the legal and easiest way to mine critical assets. There are many platforms and sites that offer you bitcoins in exchange for your services.

Whatever skills you have, you can easily sell your services on specialized platforms for crypto. Some of the more popular freelance platforms include:

  • Jobs4Bitcoin – Popular Reddit message board for tasks paid in bitcoin
  • Bitwage – payroll and HR services for receiving payments in crypto;
  • Angel’s List is a job board site with many crypto projects involved;
  • CryptoGrind is a place to buy and sell freelance services using Bitcoin;
  • CryptoJobs – a message board for freelancers who want to earn crypto for their work;
  • Coinality – project bulletin board;
  • Bitfortip – Pays out bitcoins to help people.

Shop and get crypto coins

Among the quickest opportunities to get crypto, online shopping is the most effective. By creating an account on the CEX website, you will be provided with a mobile application for Android and iOS. Using the Lolli app (Chrome extension), you are able to earn cue balls simply by making everyday purchases in the form of cashback.

Bitcoins for helping people

A fun way to earn crypto assets.

This is a pretty revolutionary way to earn crypto assets if you are good at offline and online research..

Bitfortip is a mobile platform that pays you to help you educate the public about cryptocurrencies. Their slogan is: “Advise bitcoin as an incentive. Earn Bitcoins for Help “.

On this platform, anyone can ask anything, and the answer provider gets prompts and Bitcoin in exchange for their answer. For example, if someone wants to know where to buy a pink Persian cat in India, then the person who gives the answer will be paid crypto coins.

The online platform is available in 11 international languages. This provides an easy level of access for many people around the world..

Crypto and affiliate marketing

This type of income is very popular among bloggers, news sites, social networks and ordinary users. Companies provide a unique URL or promo code for affiliate marketers to mail to their customers. When someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you will be paid a reward in crypto assets.

Each company structures its affiliate program differently. For many ecommerce brands, you will receive a percentage of the total order value of the customer you linked to. For other companies, you can get a set fee for each person who signs up for the service using your promo code.

For example, Coinbase will pay you $ 10 for every customer who signs up and deposits at least $ 100. Another popular exchange, Binance, offers up to 40% transaction fees for your referrals. For people with a large audience, this can be up to a thousand dollars per month..

Another alternative is the BlockFi affiliate program, which offers 10% interest earned by referrals to a BlockFi interest account.

Play games and get bitcoins

There are several games you can play on your smartphone that will reward you in Bitcoin (BTC). Here are six of the best Bitcoin games to play and get crypto coins:

Bitcoin gameBitcoin Alien Run is a popular mobile bitcoin game that lets you play an addicting 2D runner game on your smartphone and earn bitcoins. The game is available for both Android and iOS.

Spark ProfitSpark Profit – financial trading simulation allows you to make predictions in real money markets such as currency and cryptocurrency markets.

Free cryptocurrency simulator Altcoin Fantasy – teaches how to trade digital assets in a risk-free environment.

Spells of Genesis allows you to actually own your in-game items and cards on the blockchain itself.

Satoshi Quiz – Lets you win BTC by answering questions from different categories. For each correct answer, you can win a prize pool of 1000 Satoshi.

RollerCoin – offers a block reward every five minutes, which is distributed among all participants depending on their mining power.

Flexible deposits

It is a financial product that Binance provides to its users for lending and receiving interest. Users can borrow their free crypto assets with Binance Margin and receive interest.

This option makes it easier to profit from your cryptocurrency. This happens regardless of the movement of the market, giving you a safe investment that will provide a guaranteed return. It offers convenience through ease of use. Flexible deposits are a kind of cryptocurrency savings account.


Cryptocurrencies are the currency of the digital age. After all, such a medium of exchange was to take over the Internet and the entire world. As with any other payment method, you can earn significant profits from cryptocurrencies. However, you are required to have a keen eye for market trends and the ability to accurately perform the assigned tasks..

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